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Balcony, patio, and courtyard gardening are the preferred outdoor furnishings for many different reasons.

Whatever the reason, no space is too small for a small space garden. One small plant in a proper container is a garden. In fact, ever more gardening options are available in terms of pots, window boxes, troughs, cast-iron planters, or recycled materials.

Furnish your garden

When planning your small space garden several steps are fundamental adn and shall be taken into consideration: The first is to determine what purpose this space will serve. Do you want to grow vegetables, herbs, entertain family and friends, meditate, create a place of peace, healing, a memorial garden. Next, walk around your space and really look at what you have.

Think seroiusly to the possibility to furbish your garden with some of the great outdoor furnitures available. From patio ones to balcony furnitures. Garden furniture is now a fashion item as the patio and garden increasingly become an additional functional space to the home.

Firstly decide whether you want a permanent or not furniture. If you want your garden furniture to be a permanent part of your garden for esthetic reasons then heavy furniture is recommendeded; Made from hardwood, aluminum or iron.

Invest in your furniture

It is well worth spending the money on the heavier more durable materials. Decide what kind of material for your garden furniture would best compliment your patio or garden. Select a material that will stay in balance with your garden and house.

Wood is the best all round as it is lightweight, esthetically wonderful and comfortable but requires some maintenance. Consider to choose a tropical wood which is high in natural oil content like teak, or courbaril. These woods are weather resistant and can be left outside during the year.

Once your teak garden furniture has weathered the colour will be enhanced by an annual scrub. A small amount of bleach added to the water will suppress any algae growth. Any stains and spots can be removed by washing it using a detergent.

Cracks when dry

In dry weather some small cracks can appear in the end of the grain timbers. This is natural and no action is needed. When the moisture in the atmosphere increases the timber it will return to its original aspect.

Wrought iron garden furniture generally looks the best as it is usually perfect to give a unique look. There are some drwobacks too. The wrought iron furniture is not as comfortable as wood and heavier to move around.

As a general advice, it is recommendeded to cover your garden furniture expecially in the evenings or with the rain, certainly long term benefits wil be evident.

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